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ComX PRESENTS #001 – Digital



ComX Studio: PRESENTS #1 is a brand new 48-page anthology series that shows off up-and-coming tales of suspense, amazement, and mystery. Our first issue follows four fun worlds for you to enjoy.

Vivian Jones: Occult Detective by Isaac George

From Isaac George, creator of Celtic hero Bronwyn, comes Vivian Jones: Occult Detective. When an investigation sets this master detective down a dark path, it will lead him to cross paths with one of the darkest entities known to man. Follow Vivian Jones as he follows a trail of mystery and suspense, with existences that no mortal can ever comprehend.

Foes by Peter Wilson

Dementus, a psychotic Demon, despises Zero.

Zero, a sadistic alien, loathes Dementus.

One of these monsters will eventually emerge victorious from this feud, to take over earth and enslave humanity for their own evil ends. Luckily for earth and humanity, they are both losers! Peter Wilson (creator of Crimson and Rascal) will lead the way as we witness comedy and buffoonery like you’ve never seen before

Final Dragon By Edmund Kearsley

A revenge-fueled Karate saga brought to you by E.D.Kearsley. Final Dragon! When Karate Champion, Bobby Long gets out of prison, the only thing on his mind is hunting down his brother’s killer! Final Dragon! It’s all out Karate Action To The Max!

Frederick Cheloni: Turtle Detective by Rob Lisle

1858, London. Demons have invaded earth and taken human form and only one man, well… turtle, possesses the skills necessary to flush them out. From Rob Lisle/Spedsy (The Devil’s Toilet) comes the story of a detective who may very well be the secret to stopping the apocalypse – twice.


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