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ComX Presents:NOIR #001 – Digital



ComX Studio Presents:NOIR #1 is a 48-page anthology series that delves on darker and more cynical worlds that crawl under your skin. This black and white labeled comic book will be a 100% black and white issue, made by some auteurs that Australian indie comics has to offer.

Marathon by Leigh Chalker

Within a world dying from within, a small settlement called Marathon is in dire straits. Isolated with no resources, its only route to the outside world is the Great Coastal Settlement.

Between both places, a brave group called Runners became the lifeblood of Marathon, bringing valuable information and resources. All is well until they stopped coming back.

Runners are decimated and it’s up to Ambrose Chapel, the last Runner, to uphold their sworn duty. Jason, an Apprentice Runner, is off to see his hero. Will Ambrose discover what forces spirit away the Runners of Marathon?

Killer Bea by Tony Menzie

A life of trauma and misery has broken Beatrice Bigelman, a 70-year old lady well into her years. An eye lost, her youth whittled, and her bones tired, all that remains from this once energetic woman is a memory of what she once was.

As she lives with what remains of her life, this sweet old lady has a sinister secret. Bea is looking to get even with all those who made her life a living hell. Karma is a bitch and revenge is served fresh.

She’s not your grandma. She’s Killer Bea.


Impulse! by Dave Dye

What have you done on impulse? Where has impulse brought you? “Impulse!” follows the story of The Kid, a young blood with no prospect and no future. Hardened by cold pavements and empty stomachs, he prowls the concrete jungle. Underneath his callous exterior lives something unlikely: a conscience.

This is his story.



Bin Kitty: Blood Hail by Duncan Pranevicius

What would you do if you wake up with a bullet hole in your head, no memories of your past, and a corpse beside you?

Find the one who tried to kill you and find out who you are, of course.

Bin Kitty is on a quest to find the person responsible for her despair, but this is interrupted when the lives of 40,000 people are threatened in a morbid ritual of mass murder by a clan of death-worshipping youths.

Can she put those responsible down before they can carry out their plot? “Hail the Blood!”


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