ComX Studio PRESENTS #002 - Digital

Colour Format: , Full Colour

Pages: 44



ComX Studio PRESENTS #002 - Digital


Chapter Two: Foe-boy’s Perfect.
Created, written and illustrated by Peter Wilson.

Issue 1 introduced Dementus the Demon and Zero the Alien,
and their respective quests to each take over the world and
decimate humanity with their unnatural powers and abilities.
But then they saw a donut and started fighting over it, and that’s
pretty much issue 2!

Vivian Jones: Occult Detective
Chapter Two: Blood & Moonlight- Part 1.
Created, written and illustrated by Isaac George.

An investigation of recent deaths leads Vivian to investigate the
rumors of a new vampire nest under the protection of one of
society’s leading families, but first he needs the proof and it is
going to be a bloody ordeal!

Final dragon
Chapter Two
Created, written and illustrated by E.D.Kearsley.

The action-packed adventure continues as Bobby Long, the
Final Dragon’s quest for revenge puts him on a dangerous path.
In-your-face karate action, to the max!

Frederick Cheloni
Chapter Two: You Bloody Ripper- Part 2.
Created, written and illustrated by Rob Lisle.

1888, London. Frederick Cheloni had Jack the Ripper in his
grasp – until they arrived. Anika the Angel and Meatsack Jack,
fresh from the pages of the Devil’s Toilet have come seeking
Fred’s help. But before he can save the world… Fred has some
unfinished business to take of.


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