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ComX Studio Presents:NOIR #002 – Digital



future pop vault
Created, written and illustrated by Julian Velasco.
In the year 2095, the region of New Sydney is about to be
shaken up when Vivi, a reticent girl, and her free-running crew
set off to save their friend against corruption that could alter
humanity as we know it forever.

bin kitty: blood hail

Chapter Two: Your Violence Wins.
Created, written and illustrated by Duncan Pranevicius.
40,000 lives are at stake as Bin Kitty continues to fight to stop a
blood-worshipping cult from carrying out one of the most dev-
astating acts of violence in our country’s history, but what ini-
tially seemed like the actions of a small group of budding young
psychopaths driven to commit acts of bloodshed for their own
personal pleasures, is there a bigger darker figure behind
these actions, pulling the strings from the shadows

battery hen

Chapter One.
Created, written and illustrated by Ryan Vella.
On a mission to recover a missing girl, this ex military soldier
comes face to face with pure evil.

jump the gun

Created, written and illustrated by Stephen McLeod.
A story about the hitman/assassin Marcus Clancy getting out
of the killing business now that his former boss’s son has taken
over the hitman role. He thought he’d collect the money and
run away from all this mess with his girlfriend. The boss’s son
has other ideas!


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