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SYDRiS:Perceptions #1 pre-order campaign

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Preview Art

Different stories, different styles, same hero.

SYDRiS: Perceptions is a superhero book unburderned by a specific genre or style; just the creators’ perceptions of what makes a good superhero or superhero story.

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The Premise

People read and collect whatever hero they perceive to be the most relatable, the most badass, the most inspiring, or the most fun to them.


It was in this vain that SYDRiS: Perceptions was created. We take the mascot for ComX and create a superhero not defined by a specific look or genre, but whatever sparks your imagination when you think “superhero”.

Where any creator can jump in and not be hampered by characteristics or a specific superpower set, nor do they have to research a decades-long continuity, but whatever means the most to them. A book of pure variety.

The Stories (8 pages each)

Meeting Sydris

by Peter Wilson


A writer and artist set out to meet the superhero Sydris, only to discover that the definition of a hero can mean a LOT of different things


Nightmarish Dayz

by Ryan Vella


Sydris has lost his bearings and runs into one weird situation after another.  Where is he and what’s going on?


Sydris: Sense of Occasion Part 1

by Haydn Spurrell & Ben Sullivan


The first chapter of Wyatt and Lindsay’s Comic


Sydris finds himself at the mercy of a sinister new villain – one who may just make him question everything he thought he knew. In Part 1 of “Sense of Occasion”, Sydris finds himself on one side of a debate with his superhero squad, as the seeds are planted for the elimination of the city’s heroes – but what is our big bad’s endgame?

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